Monday, April 26, 2010


A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to go out and take some pictures of our quince bush. Some people crave chocolate, I crave alone time taking photos... I haven't tried alone time + photos + chocolate, though. Hmmm... What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the quince bush. It gets some beautiful flowers and even has a pretty shelf fungus on it this year.

As I was crawling under, around, and in the bush, I noticed that the bush was humming. There were about 50 bees buzzing around the flowers collecting nectar. They were beautiful and preoccupied, so I figured that they wouldn't mind (i.e. sting me) if I hung around taking their pictures.

They were moving from flower to flower so quickly that I was just snapping picture after picture hoping something would come out. I stopped to check the digital display and see which angle's pictures were coming out the best so I could adjust as necessary, and I noticed three things: 1) the pictures were all fuzzy (I needed to focus on the more sedentary bees), 2) the pics were from too far away (I was going to have to get right on top of them to get a good picture), and 3) the bees had beautiful pollen sacs on their legs! I just had to get a good picture of the pollen sacs. I just had to. My life would not be complete without the perfect pollen sac picture. (Maybe I need to get out more? Nah.)

And guess what?

After about 20 minutes...

I got some...

Yay, me!

I rewarded myself with some hot tea. Because hot tea + alone time + photography + beautiful flowers + bees that don't sting me + the perfect pollen sac pic x4 = 1 happy me. I'm pretty easy to please. *grin*