Monday, September 04, 2006

Never Mind

Well, I guess Target didn't like me (and many others) pointing out the gaps in their copywriters' educations. If you were among the many people who were confused when trying to click the link in my post Sigh, there was good reason... Target changed what it linked to.

The link originally brought you to a doll that was obviously supposed to be Benjamin Franklin. However, the Target people identified the doll as being "Franklin Roosevelt".

I guess it is good that they have taken the page down to be edited properly, but I am sad over being made to look like I am clueless. I often am clueless, I just don't like it pointed out!

To prove that I am not crazy, here is a copy of the original product page.

On the plus side, Christmas is coming up. Why not buy a Presidential Action Figure for the child in your life today! They'll be glad you did.

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