Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Noah Takes A Picture Of Himself Every Day For 6 Years

This is the name of a short film that I discovered on YouTube this evening (a web site I am now totally addicted to, by the way). The film is exactly what it's title says it is. It is a series of photos that Noah Kalina took of himself everyday from January 11, 2000 to July 31, 2006 set to original music by Carly Comando (very reminiscent of Phillip Glass... so much so that Frodo thought I had started watching Truman Show without him... a cardinal sin in our house).

This film fascinated me. I felt compelled to watch it once it began and wanted to watch it over and over once it was finished. We may notice changes is our appearance year-to-year, but it was surprizing to see how much Noah changed day-by-day. I would watch the changes in his hair length, wardrobe, background and people who provided his 'supporting cast' and find myself thinking:

"Wow, he likes that plaid shirt."

"I wonder where he was going." (He had on a tuxedo shirt and bow tie twice... on non-consecutive days but within a week of each other.)

"Did he move?"

"Is that his girlfriend?"

"What is that picture on the wall?"

"Did he take his picture at the same time every day?"

"Why is there a seemingly long period of time when he took his photo in front of the alcove with the computer then another long period of time when he didn't?"

"What was his purpose in doing this?"

The film is 5.5 minutes long, so if you have a few minutes and you want to rest your feet while exercising your brain's areas of abstract (or not so abstract) thought, check out the film and let me know what you think.

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