Monday, December 04, 2006

Just Call Him B.B.

On the way home from church yesterday, the kids and I were listening to a music mix CD that Frodo had made (Frodo was still at church waiting for Primo to finish her Christmas Play practice). The second song on the mix is U2 (smile) and B.B. King performing When Love Comes To Town. Terzo always sings along with music, but I never thought that Quarto payed much attention. Then, out of the blue, in a very blues-y, gravelly voice (but clear as a bell), Quarto belts along with the chorus, "But I did what I did before Love came to town!"

Since "Lucille" is taken, what would be a good name for a guitar?

(You should hear Terzo sing the second verse. He's pretty good, but it sounds odd coming out of the mouth of a six year old.)

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