Sunday, February 18, 2007

We Found It! We Found It!

You know the car commercial with the happy family (stick with me... I know they all show happy families) and there is this wonderful, imaginative ukulele/ humming music in the background? It is such happily haunting music that sounds like children playing, fireflies dancing, and curtains blowing in a warm summer breeze. I have no idea what brand of car the commercial was for... I kept getting lost in the music. Almost a year ago now, we were driving in the car and listening to the radio, and we heard that familiar humming and felt our spirits being lifted away to that happy place where magic is real and elves paint freckles on children's cheeks (right, Sis?) and finally found out who the artist was and the name of the song. We've been looking to purchase it ever since. Last night, we were in Borders buying some new CDs at their "Buy 3, Get One Free" CD sale and just as we were walking up to the checkout, Frodo gasped and pointed at a small display near the register. There it was. Now we can journey to the land of fairies and warm summer showers whenever we want.


Aduladi' said...

I could have helped you a year ago, LOL! I love that song and heard it for the first time on an episode of ER (when Mark Greene died). It was so haunting, yet beautiful (and they were in Hawaii at the time so it really tied it all together). Anyway, glad you found it! It's a shame that he (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) died!

Chris said...

To: Frodo & The Tutor

This isn't a comment on this particular post, but just a general "thank you" for all of the enjoyment and support I've gotten from your blog. I've found some amazing parallels between our families and laughed out loud many times at the antics of the Primo, et al.

My blog ( won't compare, but I'm giving it a shot!