Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pop Quiz

When you are preparing for a big move, you should:
a. de-junk your house and get rid of anything you don't use, need or that's broken
b. hold at least one yard sale to try to off-set your moving costs
c. go on a big, week-long family vacation two weeks before your scheduled move date
d. continue work on science curriculum you've been writing
e. send query letters to publishers concerning the aforementioned science curriculum
f. meet with potential publishers of your science curriculum less than a week before your scheduled move
g. volunteer to help set up for your church's Vacation Bible School
h. volunteer at your church's week-long Vacation Bible School running the crafts for over 100 children (the week before your move date)
i. update your blog (at least periodically so that people know you are still alive)
j. panic because you find out that you may not have access to the internet at your new home
k. all of the above

I chose K. (At least I had the sense to declare summer break for school!)

I'll be back after we officially become Southerners. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy low humidity and try to see if we can defy physics so that we can fit everything into our rental truck.



andie said...

Wow! Well, if you stay busy it doesn't leave (too) much time for apprehension about the move, eh?

Have you found a place, then?

Aduladi' said...

I am still crying, but can't wait for my first visit to your new state. Today is the day (as if you were not aware, LOL!) and I will be praying through out the day.

MUCH love (and some tears),