Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well, me made it...

We have arrived at our new home. This will be rather short post since I am a bit discombobulated (isn't that a great word?) given that we don't have internet service yet(or phone service for that matter) at our new home. (I am posting this while enjoying an iced chai latte at a local coffee house that provides free wi-fi.) We are waiting for the cable company to send a guy out to "drive the line" to figure out if we can get cable internet. DSL doesn't go out as far as our house. Satellite internet is just too darn expensive. Did I mention that we live only 3 miles outside of town... measuring from the edge of the University. What University town doesn't have consistent internet service?! Ugh.

The house we live in is very cute... we hadn't seen it, not even pictures, before we got here. We could sympathize with what Abram must have been feeling when God told him, "Go forth from your country, and from your relatives, and from your father's house, to the land which I will show you" as recorded in Genesis 12:1. As soon as we pulled into the driveway after our second full day of driving, I said to Frodo, "It's just like Anne's 'House of Dreams' or the house of Echo Valley from the Anne of Green Gables stories. (I'll post pictures when I get internet service or remember to take my memory card, card reader and laptop to the coffee house at the same time.) The house is set way back from the road in a little glen. It is the perfect little house for us and is laid out just right to meet our needs. The only negative is that we need one more wall long enough to hold the second half of our six-foot book shelves. One six foot shelf is in the living room, but we can only get half of the second one up in the office area. Those along with our kitchen shelf and the two kid shelves hold most of our books. Frodo already has a box of "overflow" books to take to his office on campus (How cool is that? No study carrel for Frodo. The department gave him an office to share with another PhD student.). However, we still have a few piles of homeless books lying around.

The house also came with a cat. He apparently showed-up about 2 months ago, and the landlord began feeding it to keep it around to help catch mice. Now, he is our cat... or we are his people. He comes to greet us at the door whenever we pull-in the driveway. The kids have named him Mittens. We have to keep him out of the house since Frodo is deathly allergic to cats, but even Frodo (definitely not a cat person since they can kill him and all) looks forward to seeing him when we pull up to the house. Mittens comes flying from wherever he was hunting to make sure he is at the door to greet us when we reach the front step.

Well, the natives are getting restless. (Frodo and I brought all of the kids with us to the coffee house while we played dueling laptops trying to get all of our online stuff accomplished in as little time as possible.) I'll try to post pictures and more tales of our trip and our new town and neighbors soon.

Thanks for your prayers!


farmnwife said...

For your internet you might try a laptop phone card thru a cell phone company. You said you don't have good cell phone service either so might need try a different provider. I use a phone card thru Cingular(now the new AT&T) since there is no other service available. I have found it is better than dial-up but not highspeed either. Something to look into in your spare time. :o) Have fun exploring your new digs.

Chris said...


Welcome South! Good luck getting settled. I hope you'll find living "down here" as wonderful as we natives do. Just remember, "ya'll" is singular; "all ya'll" is plural.


andie said...

So glad you made it!

Can't wait to see pictures and hear more.

Sherry said...

So happy for you that you like the house and arrived safe and sound.