Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not As Easy As I Thought It Would Be

As I mentioned here, one of the positives I saw in our recent move was less-intrusive homeschooling laws as compared to the state we just left. All I have to do here is pick-up a form where I provide the kids' names, ages and grades, the fact that they are homeschooled and the location where school is taking place. Sounds simple enough, right?

A little over a week ago, I called the office of our School Superintendent to find out when and where I could pick-up the necessary form (it needs to be in by mid-September, but I wanted to get it filed while I was thinking about it and was trying to avoid driving over to the school while school was in session... the government schools started this past Monday.) I was told that the Attendance Officer handles such matters, and I would have to speak to her. The receptionist at the Superintendent's office was very nice and gave me the name and number of the Attendance Officer then forwarded my call to her office. There was no answer, and I didn't bother to leave a message since I realized I was calling during the lunch hour and figured I would just call back after lunch. About an hour later I call back and there is still no answer, so I leave a message asking where the office is located and when would be the best time to stop by to pick up the form.

Fast forward a few days. I still haven't received a response from my phone call, but I have figured out where the office is, so we decide to stop by while we are out running errands. We drive around the school campus (it's pretty big since it houses the county's elementary, middle, and high schools plus all of the county school district's offices and athletic fields), and we can't find the office anywhere. We find the Superintendent's office, so I decide to see if someone there can point me in the right direction. Again, the receptionist is very nice. She tells me where to find the office (an unmarked trailer that we passed a few times), but tells me that she doesn't think that the Attendance Officer is in today. She calls over to check, and sure enough, no one answers. While she writes down the number for me, she sighs and says, "I have no idea what her office hours are. She is a state employee, not a school district employee, and I haven't figured out her hours yet. She comes when she wants, I guess." With that disheartening piece of information, I thank her and go home.

I have called once since then and still have heard no response. I am planning on calling again tomorrow and leaving another message, but I am not sure what else I can try after that.

Less intrusive? I guess so (until I fail to fill-in the form and find the Attendance Officer at my door).

Easier? Nope.


Heather_in_WI said...


Oh, how frustrating!!! Can you possibly print it out from your state Dept. of Ed. website? Just a thought ... I think our are available online.


TheTutor said...

I hadn't thought of that, so after reading your comment, I went right over to the Department of Education's web site and searched for the form. There are three mentions of the form:

1- a Power Point presentation defining who is and who is not to be considered a drop-out

2- the document requiring the development of the "Certificate of Enrollment"

3- a copy of the document mentioned in #2 filed in another area of the website

Ugh. Guess I'll call and hope for the best. Maybe a certified letter requesting the certificate and a call to HSLDA wouldn't hurt if this call yields no results.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Heather_in_WI said...

Oh my goodness! Ugh. Maybe they think you'll just give up and enroll your children because it's too hard to track down the form, LOL!

Nan said...

Sheesh... for an attendance officer she sure has poor attendance! ;^P I'm sorry you are getting the run around.

Anonymous said...

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