Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Friends of ours have been considering selling their extra, organic eggs at the local farmer's market. Another of our friends has a booth at a local antique mall where she sells furniture and other items. Some men in our church made really great name tags for the kids attending Vacation Bible School by cutting rounds of wood, painting the kids' names on them, and drilling holes in them and adding string to make them into necklaces.

After learning that our friends get to do such cool things as raise chickens, go yard-salling for re-sellable furniture (I'm going for a making-up-hyphenated-words-record, apparently), and make handicrafts with natural materials, our kids decided that each of them was going to learn a handicraft or skill of some kind that they would then try to market. I challenged them to come up with crafts and skills that could be done at home with as many 'found' or recycled items as possible.

Primo, Secondo, and Quarto don't know what they want to try yet. They each have a lot of ideas, but don't know how to narrow them down. (All of Quarto's ideas involve play dough and toy cars, so I'm not sure how successful he'll be, but that's another post.) Terzo has his mind set on opening a quill pen stand... well, he said "feather pen stand," but then we did a brief history and science lesson on feathers and quill pens, so now he's referring to it as a "quill pen stand." He already knows where to get the feathers. The home where the kids are attending VBS has a small flock of wild geese living on the property. Terzo has brought home four feathers already and has purposed to ask the owners if he can come back through the summer and collect feathers. I am very impressed with his determination and focus, but I have one issue... anyone know where we can find information on how to make quill pens?

Apparently, Terzo isn't putting all his organic eggs in one feather-lined basket, however. Nope. He's got a backup plan... songwriting. This afternoon he composed a song. Once I figure out how to get my videos or at the least an audio file on here, I'll post him preforming it. Frodo and I were rather impressed with the tune he came up with. Until then, I'll just post the lyrics. You'll have to provide the tune.

God Is In Our Heart
by Terzo

God is in our heart.
God is in our heart.
He is in our soul,
And He is in our heart.

We believe in Him.
We will sing with Him.
He is in our soul and heart.

I'll let you know when his CD comes out. If you pre-order now, we'll send you a free quill pen with your CD.

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Under the Sky said...

This product (http://tinyurl.com/6s3fbl) might be what you are looking for. :+)

In other news, do you think you will blog about the upcoming election and McCain? I would love your thoughts on our "choices" and how they might affect the Supreme Court, etc.