Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I knew it...

Housekeeping is hazardous to your health. In fact, it can be downright deadly.

3M, the makers of ScotchBrite products, have gotten caught up in the "eco-fever" affecting businesses worldwide and now provide a scrubbing sponge made from tree cellulose and walnut shells. The problem? If you are allergic to tree nuts, these sponges can be deadly. So, I have decided that since many cleaning chemicals are bad for my family's health and the environment, and I don't want to kill anyone with a nut-based, eco-friendly scrubber, I am just not going to clean anymore. (And no, no one in my immediate family is allergic to tree nuts or any other kind of nut or food-stuff.)

What's been my excuse for not cleaning up until this point? I've been busy blogging.

I haven't, you say? Well then, I've been busy... um, schooling... and writing. Yeah, that's it. Schooling and writing. (Whew, that was close.)

In all honesty, I will probably buy and try out the new ScotchBrite walnut-based scrubbers (although if you or anyone in your family is allergic to nuts, you should probably contact 3M and find out if any of their other products have come in contact with the walnuts used in their new product). I already use regular ScotchBrite scrubbers, and these new ones look to be about the same price as their non-green product (which actually is green... in color anyway). I am interested in becoming more eco-friendly and making sure that I do things that are healthy for myself and my family. However, I do not delude myself that I will somehow save our atmosphere through my actions. I'm not really all that convinced that humans contribute a significant amount to atmospheric or ice-locked CO2 levels. However, I do think that using a renewable resource over a limited resource makes good sense... economically, environmentally, and morally. I believe that as humans, we need to protect the land, water, and air that we have been given, but that we shouldn't protect it for its own sake to the point of religious fanaticism. We have been given a gift and a command to care for it, and we should. Because it is the right thing to do.


Kristin said...

ha ha ... now there's a good excuse for not doing what I already don't do :o)

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