Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Conversation" with a 7 year old...

This is a "conversation" I had with Secondo yesterday. I was going to include my half, but why bother?

"Mom, why is there a letter under where it says 'Triceratops' and 'Made in China'?"

"Right there by my finger."

"So it tells me where it was made or when it was made?"

"But this one says '1998', so it can't be when it was made. Was I born in 1998 or was Primo?"

"But why would they have to know *where* it was made?"

"Oh yeah, remember when I told you that there was water in my T-rex? Well, the hole wasn't in the mouth like you said, it was right here under his arm. Why did you tell me it was in his mouth?"

"I hear water in my Utahraptor, too, but there is no hole under the Utahraptor's arm or in his mouth. How did the water get in?"

"How can I get it out?"

"Yes, I’m supposed to be on the sofa for Quiet Time."

"No, talking isn't being quiet. I'll go sit down."

"Mom, this dinosaur has a 'D' on it's belly. You know under the 'Made in China' sign, but this one has a 'P1'. They must 'uv been made in different places, huh?"

"This one has a 'P1', too!"

"I’m gonna put them all in groups. I’ll put the ‘P1's there and the ‘D’s there and the ‘P’s there. Hey! How come there are ‘P1's and ‘P’s but not ‘D1's just ‘D’s?"

"Maybe they used the first letter of where they were made!"

"Does that mean that there were two places that started with ‘P’?"

"No, I’m not sleepy."

"Okay, goodnight, Mom."

"Yeah, I’ll stay on the sofa."

"What time can I get up?"

"That’s four-three-zero, right?"

"I’ll show you my dinosaur piles when you get up, okay? And the ‘C’s go over here..."

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