Friday, November 03, 2006

Today Is A Holiday

No, the banks aren't closed. There are no sales at the stores. The mail will still be delivered. But school is out. Well, our school is.

Today is a holiday because it is Terzo's birthday. He is six years old today, and in honor of the momentous occasion of his birth, classes were called off for the day, and Terzo was offered the opportunity to do whatever he wanted for the day. Now, we are getting ready for his party scheduled for tomorrow, so his choices were limited to something he could do at home, but within that realm, he had all the power. His sisters even did his morning chores for him (their idea, not mine) so that he could take time to choose what he wanted to do. He could decide what game we'd play, what movie we'd watch, what creation we'd make. So what did he choose? He chose to help me clean the refrigerator! And when he was done, he cleaned the kitchen floor (a rather practical and logical decision given all of the water he had spilled in the process of cleaning the fridge). When he had finished with the floor, he asked what else he could clean, and I told him that since it was time for lunch, he could pick a movie to watch and I would make lunch.

After eating, Terzo climbed into my lap (he's not too big for that, he decided) and we snuggled under a blanket and cried and cheered while Aslan, Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy defeated the White Witch and brought peace to Narnia. About halfway through the movie, Terzo snuggled closer, sighed, and said, "Mom, I'm gonna snuggle you forever."

I hope so.

Happy birthday, my handsome man.

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