Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love this picture...

So I just thought I'd share it.

I find myself drawn to it. I love it for so many reasons. Here are three(-ish):

1. It is a nice picture. I am not a great photographer, but I love to take pictures, so when I take a good one, I am happy. (And this one translated well to black and white, which I love, so I m doubly happy.)
2. It brings back wonderful memories. We had never hiked here before, so there were all kinds of things to discover. We came across a pond where there were at least a hundred people swimming, but despite the very public nature of the park, once we went onto a side trail, we felt very much alone. There were butterflies everywhere. I have never seen so many butterflies and in such bright blues and yellows! And there were ferns. I love ferns, and the whole forest floor was covered with them. Is there anything more perfect than an emerging fiddlehead? On some of the side trails, we came across some old foundations from the furnaces that used to be there, so we speculated about what life must have been like and what the area looked like when the furnaces were there. We threw rocks into the stream and played a variation of Pooh Sticks.
3. It captures my family very well. Frodo is enjoying his walk with Quarto on his back. He is holding hands with Primo and their heads are turned towards each other slightly. I am sure they are having an intriguing conversation as they usually do. Terzo is walking "by himself" alongside Frodo... like Frodo's own version of "Mini-Me". He is carrying his own water bottle and wearing his own hiking hat. Secondo is just a few steps behind looking off the path at some creature or plant that she has discovered and trying to get a second look. In a moment, she will holler to me or grab Frodo by the arm, point in the direction where she was previously looking, and shout, "Did you see that? What was it? Will we see another? Can we go back and look?" If I were closer to them (I was catching up after a pit stop), I would have been with Secondo or just behind Frodo so I could point things out along the path to Quarto.

So what I'm saying is... I love this picture.


Sarah said...

I have a picture like that--I just love it. It's a picture of Stephen and Isaac wave-dodging on a beach in Normandy. The beach is pretty, the picture is well-done, the guys are . . . just themselves.

It makes me smile.

Aduladi' said...

That is one to frame and look at for the next 50 years!

Heather_in_WI said...

Oh ... I love that picture, too.

It's one of those quinessential moments ... nature/family/learning/sharing.

Thank you so much for sharing it.