Sunday, April 01, 2007

April is National Poetry Month

To celebrate, I am going to (try to remember to) post a poem every other day. (I am actually going to try to remember to do so every day, but I am not as familiar with poetry as I would like to be, so I won't over-promise).

To start off the month, I am going to share a poem that I wrote last summer. Try your hand at writing a poem and please don't forget to share it. This is the perfect time to try!

It Is So

The Child stands, spies a stick
He stoops, "You shall be my sword."
And it is so.
The Child looks, observes the air
He commands, "You shall be my enemy."
And it is so.
The battle begins, creature against creator
The victor is no mystery, still the battle must be fought
There is honor in it.
Armageddon, the fates of worlds
The creator triumphs, "I am the hero."
And it is so.

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