Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fly on the Wall

Yesterday at Secondo's standardized testing:
Secondo emerged from the testing room, and I asked her how she thought she did. She said she thought that she did okay but that the math was hard. "You know the minusing with the two dots? Well, I figured that since minusing without dots is the opposite of adding, then minusing with dots must be opposite of multiplying, so I think I got that one right. It was six minus with two dots two. That's three, right?"

(Like I mentioned yesterday, we changed her math curriculum half-way through the year, so there are some topics that she had had multiple times and a few she hasn't had at all yet... like division. LOL!)

This morning while getting dressed:
Terzo- "Hey! It's St. Fool's Day!"

This morning during the sermon:
Quarto was sitting on Frodo's lap during the service this morning. In his sermon, our pastor was preaching on John 12; more specifically on Mary anointing Jesus' feet with perfume. The pastor was explaining that at the time, expensive perfumes were kept in alabaster boxes that would be broken open then could not be resealed. Quarto was listening and asked Frodo, "Boxes?" Frodo explained that Mary opened a box and a beautiful scent came out. Quarto responded with a contented sigh, "Mmmm, pepperoni pizza."

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