Saturday, March 24, 2007

Don't Go To West Virginia!

They don't want you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

A new ad campaign for the state of West Virginia lays it all out on the line with some reverse psychology:

Whatever you do, don't come to West Virginia!
Why would you even want to [come to West Virginia] when there are beaches in the Carolinas and mega-theme parks in Florida? And nothing says 'family fun' like a 10-hour drive with screaming kids, mile after mile of desolate highway, and little to break the monotony besides the occasional rest area or fast food joint.

What crazy ad agent thought that sarcasm would work? What is their target audience? Anyone up for a road trip?


andie said...

Oh, dear.

I'm dying, here. Really.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone go to West Virginia anyway? For a refreshing dose of coal dust?

Anonymous said...

Now, that's not entirely fair. I hear they have at least one mountain left over after all the mountaintop removal mining they've been doing ( ). And hey, those things weren't doing anything but sitting around looking majestic anyway, right?

TheTutor said...

So, go you guys work for a resort in one of the Carolinas or in Florida? Just curious.

Or are in in California (the state with the worst air pollution) and just trying to distract us?

andie said...

Oh, stereotypes! How FUN!

When I'm home from driving over all these mountains, maybe we can play with ALL the states included! Wheee!

Anonymous said...

I am from west virginia and i agree 100 percent don't come here...Its boring backwards and poor full of uneducated people and etc etc