Monday, March 12, 2007

DST Survival

Since I am not a morning person, I was able to completely sympathize with Angel's feelings in her post on her adjustment (or lack thereof) to the time change. This year, however, I discovered a foolproof way to force myself to get in line:

1. Sign your hubby up as the ONLY usher at your church's 8am service on DST's "spring forward" Sunday.

2. Make sure you can't leave immediately after the 8am service by signing both of you up to team-teach the 2 and 3yo Sunday School class.

3. Make sure your "adult helper" for said Sunday School class doesn't adjust well to DST and thus doesn't show up.

4. Make sure that 75% of kids in the 2 & 3yo SS class are boys.

5. When you finally go home, remember that you saved all of your prep for your Sunday evening Kid's Club class to the last minute.

6. Spend an hour creating a coloring page for the 5th commandment (you'll find out later that you are supposed to be teaching the 6th commandment, but that is irrelevant to your task of DST adjustment).

7. Finish prep just when your adrenaline high is at its peak so that you can't take a nap no matter how hard you try.

8. Go to teach a 2 hour Kid's Club class at church... again of 2 and 3 year olds.

9. Make sure 75% of those kids are boys.

10. Make sure at least one of those boys did not adjust well to DST and didn't nap so that he is really, really grumpy and has to spend the majority of the two hours being physically held in time out.

11. Have at least three families arrive 20 minutes late to pick up their kids... one of these must be the family of the aforementioned grumpy 2yo.

12. Have a gallant dh who offers to take the trash to the dumpster.

13. Sit in the car while your dh wrestles with the new lock on the dumpster before finally deciding to just take the trash home to put in your own can.

14. Go home and crash.

15. Wake up twice with 3yo son screaming "He stole my cereal!" while having a nightmare about grumpy 2yo in his Kid's Club class (send dh to take care of him, of course).

16. Wake up three more times with a stomach bug.

17. Have dh wake you up at 8am with a bowl of tea (it looks like a large mug and has a handle, but let's face it, it's a bowl), cinnamon toast and the reminder that he has the day off.

Trust me... works like a charm!


Aduladi' said...

PRAISE GOD it is not just me! My Sunday was just as "stellar". When will this week be over??

Heather_in_WI said...

Oh my goodness! Too funny!

I do hope that you're feeling better. :-)

andie @ and the mama said...


Hope you're feeling better now!