Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Huh. So That's Why You're Here.

Every once in awhile I check my StatCounter information to see how people find their way here. By far the most entertaining, for me (you are simply being forced into it), is to see what search terms brought people here. Some are entertaining because I think, "Poor person. Didn't really get what they bargained for, I suspect." While others are entertaining because I think, "Who was looking for that?"

So, have I built up enough suspense? Are you chomping at the bit to see what people were searching for when a side-trail brought them here? Well then, here ya go:

cough suppressant eat
prophetess deborah cato
what's thomas jefferson's middle name
west virginia beaches in the carolinas
don't come to west virginia (x2)
american pie ben and jerry's discontinue
survey of teenage boys on modesty
it was a pedestal from which a god had been torn, and in his place there stood, not satan with a sword, but a cor
ligonier ministry head covering

Which reminds me that I have to finish my Women in the Church posts. After I do, you'll understand why I have been putting it off. In the meantime, bear with me.

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