Sunday, March 11, 2007

We Are A Beautiful Letdown

Sadly, my brain was tired this morning, so I can't recall exactly what phrase my pastor used in his sermon this morning to remind me of this song, but if you haven't heard Switchfoot's song Beautiful Letdown, treat yourself. Here is the verse I was reminded of during the preaching on John 7:

We are a beautiful letdown,
Painfully uncool,
The church of the dropouts,
The losers, the sinners, the failures and the fools
O what a beautiful letdown
Are we salt in the wound?
Let us sing one true tune.

Switchfoot, Beautiful Letdown
(to hear a sample, click the title above and scroll down to the samples)

Our pastor also shared this quote with us. It comes from William Cobbett's Cottage Industry:

It must be evident to everyone that the practice ... must render the frame feeble and unfit to encounter hard labor and severe weather. Hence succeeds a softness, an effeminacy, a seeking for the fireside, a lurking in the bed and all the characteristics of idleness. Drinking fills the public house and makes the frequenting of it habitual. Corrupts boys as soon as they are able to move from home and does little less for girls to whom the gossip of the drinking place is no bad preparatory school for the brothel. At the very least, it teaches them idleness.

By the way, this portion of Cobbett's text (written in 1821) is subtitled The Evils of Tea (And The Virtues of Beer). You can read more here. (The phrase I replaced with the ellipses above is "of drinking tea".)

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